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Marlene Daniels

Marlene Daniels
Director of Corporate Relocation
BRE# 00788411

Are you relocating or have employees you are relocating to the East Bay? We are very pleased to introduce our Relocation Services division, headed by Marlene Daniels, Broker Associate.

We offer a variety of services from finding temp/perm housing for an employee to our extensive concierge services of providing an east bay orientation tour, showing available properties on the real estate market, providing references to discounted moving services and even overseeing the sale of out of state properties that an employee needs to sell.

It is our goal to simplify the relocation process for you and your employees by exceeding your expectations at every step in the process at the best value as we provide an exceptional relocation experience.

In today’s business world there exists intense competition to attract and retain the best talent available. We can strengthen your offering by effectively managing your relocation efforts even before your offer of employment has been accepted! We can highlight the many advantages of living in the East Bay due to its numerous cultural, educational and quality of life benefits that makes the East Bay Area a great place to live and work! Making us a part of your recruitment team from the very start is the smart move many companies are making!

Relocation Services:
Counselor: Marlene serves as the Single Point of Contact for each of your employees. Once the needs of your transferee are establish and verified, a relocation plan will be jointly developed and carried out. This sometimes flexible relocation plan will be administered by our Counselor to the complete satisfaction of your employee.

Departure Services:
Marlene has experience in locating Top Realtors who have the necessary skills and a demonstrated history of success in selling property in today’s challenging real estate market. We will assist by putting you in contact with those top professionals in your area. Our goal is to assist in your selling of your home both quickly for the highest possible price with the least inconvenience to you. Our involvement with assure you that everything that can be done to accomplish this goal is being done on your behalf.

• Associate Broker/Relocation Specialist. Work with Corporate transferees helping them find short/long term, furnished or unfurnished housing in shortest possible time. Familiarity with geographical areas, budgets, housing, safety, essential.

• With former company was Manager of two offices – Piedmont and Claremont (Berkeley). Have overseen approximately 1000 closed escrows with 50+ agents. This required the capability of dealing with a myriad of decisions including legal issues, ethics and negotiations on behalf of clients and agents.

• Past President Oakland Association of Realtors. Recipient of the Realtor of the Year Award. Chaired numerous committees.

• Have done public speaking on real estate topics including relocation, housing options for buyers, pre-retirement planning. Consultant on two real estate books. Conducted training sessions for new agents on how to list and market properties as well as interaction with buyers.

• Graduate McCann’s Business College and University of Maryland. Studied interior design at New York School of Interior Design and Academy of Arts College, San Francisco.

• Previously held positions with American Embassy, London, and Smith Barney, San Diego.

• Love to travel and have visited many countries – Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, England, Mexico, Sweden & Russia. Most memorable trip was to Chile with Rotary International helping children get surgery for disfigurements caused by poor living conditions.


* Board of Directors, Piedmont Historical Society, 2000-2008.
* President, Piedmont-Montclair Rotary 2006-2007.

* Founder/Past President, Rotarian Singles Fellowship 2007-Present.

* Assistant Governor, Area 1, District 5170, Rotary 2007-2008.

* Member Senior Resource Alliance. Oakland/Emeryville Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Notary Public.


July 18 2018 - I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Marlene Daniels. Her service for the marketing and sale of three of my property was first rate. We worked very closely together to successfully close on these properties.

I would highly recommend Marlene for all of your real estate needs. She has been a gem to work with and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship in the future. Thank you Marlene !

"[Thanks] to Marlene taking the extra step to get a pot of plant and two piece of rugs for the entry walk way, plus a wreath hanging on the front door. Now, it looks like a model home!!
A quality product like this which [you] produce is a clear indication of your knowledge, experience, dedication and team effort. Again, I want to thank you for taking the extra step to do such outstanding work."
~ James Shiah

"We wanted to put our 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo up for sale, but were hesitant since so many realtors told us it is not worth much. We were referred to Marlene, she told us that we have a great property and if we spend a little to beautify it, we can sell in for a good price.
She sold our condo $146k over asking price and we were amazed how committed, wonderful and informative Marlene was. She worked around the clock, showed up whenever someone was interested to look at it rather than have their realtor use the lock box to get it.
We recommend her to everyone now."
~Mina & Maryam Karimabadi

"The recent sale of our condo at Portabello was, by far, the easiest real estate transaction we've been party to. Marlene was straightforward, and proactive. She delivered what she promised and always took the time to answer our questions. As the resident authority on all things Portabello, her knowledge of the complex and long-standing relationships made all the difference. She was a true partner in this transaction and the result of our work together is nothing short of stellar!"

"Dear Marlene,

Thank you for successfully selling my condominium unit at Portobello. Through your vast experience, you had a vision of how to market, stage and sell the unit, and then how to close the deal quickly. The sale price was outstanding and the whole experience of working with you was awesome. You were a team player and a great coach and adviser to help me see the path to success. I was very, very fortunate to have chosen you.

I was impressed with how you incorporated the Portobello lifestyle into the presentation, including the pool, the grounds, the tennis courts, the marina, the stroll along the water's edge to Jack London Square and so much more. Your background in interior design was instrumental in successfully staging the unit to make it very attractive to buyers. You went out of your way when you went off-site to view the staging furniture and make recommendations. You even made yourself available to coordinate the delivery of the staging furniture. Your professional contact with the carpet store owner facilitated a fast installation. You shopped for and purchased items with your own funds to put the finishing touches on the staging. You also helped manage getting the unit ready for showing, including visiting the unit often during construction, and making recommendations regarding fixtures, appliances, paint, hardware and more. You even kept wine in the new refrigerator while we were updating the unit!

When the unit was ready for showing, your preparation of the marketing information and choice of photographers to highlight the unit resulted in and outstanding presentation. Your efforts resulted in a preemptive offer well over the asking price. Then, your knowledge of the real estate market and financing was instrumental during the negotiations with the buyer. You crafted a great agreement and closed the agreement on the original terms without modification by the buyer. You were courteous and professional, but firm and assertive with the buyer's agent and lender, insisting that they perform on the agreement as written. You then moved the transaction along to close early. You used humor to keep the negotiations stress-free, which was brilliant. You communicated with me daily to keep me informed of each step of the process, and you provided very understandable explanations that I appreciated very much.

I could tell that you loved the challenge of getting it all together and then closing with lightning speed. I have to say it again, you are awesome! Thank you for everything!"

Manny Fortes
Attorney at Law

" Dear Marlene Daniels,
It has an been absolutely wonderful experience working with you on the sale of my home. Frankly, you are amazing!
During my rather recent turbulent times you have been reassuring, positive and an incredible source of support.
Your honesty and Integrity are the hallmarks of genuine kindness and professionalism. I am grateful and privileged have had you and your knowledge and wisdom at my side. Everyone should be so fortunate. Again, thank you so very much,"

Patricia Kidd
Oakland, California

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