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Liza Besso

Liza Besso
Director of Marketing, Graphics and Design

I'm a Bay Area native, Renaissance woman. I was raised in a family of innovators, builders, teachers, and artists. My family encouraged being open to all kinds of people, diversity, and expanding horizons.

I'm a lifelong learner with a background in psychology, law, fine art, I'm an all-around trend setter studio trained artist. Motion + graphic - animator who crosses over as an interior designer.

Today, my diverse skill sets come in handy. A Director of Marketing in a real estate firm must wear a lot of different hats – I combine marketing, promotions and advertising expertise to make a company more visible to the public. I am a strong communicator. I understand the diverse personalities of the Realtors the complexity and emotion that goes with buying and selling homes.

My goal with every project I work on is to condense complicated messages and information into short and sweet entertaining, informative easy to understand content. I love telling compelling stories about people, homes and neighborhoods, finding fun ways to bring the message to life and grab the audience's attention!

I am passionate about producing intriguing and beautifully-crafted work that utilizes fresh, smart and creative ideas. I incorporate multi-disciplinary design from architecture, furniture, branding, web, print, motion and graphic design.